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I had the pleasure of working with Jo at British Gas during a significant period of transformation. I found Jo to be an extremely knowledgeable and well-networked talent professional with the drive and capability to build a cohesive talent agenda. On a personal note I found Jo’s counsel, humour and tireless positivity invariably timely and energising. I look forward to our paths crossing in future.

Adrian Cook
Managing Director, React, Acting for Business

It is rare to get across a person that has the ability to open up even the hardest and toughest personalities. Jo has that very unique skill. She will force you to look into the mirror. Once you get out of denial, she will lead you into the right direction. You are about to become a better person and manager.
I would highly recommend Jo for those that need a group coaching, individual coaching or just a wake up call!
In a heartbeat I will work will Jo again.

Mark Hoijtink
President Europe, MENA and Asia Pacific

Jo was introduced to me via a mutual contact, and it proved to be a really valuable connection.

Initially I engaged Jo to help me with my own team, to help unpick some of the challenges we were having in personality clashes and behaviour, and to explain how we could turn these business-damaging issues around. My team had worked with me for a long time, but the value we all took from the tools Jo used with us were astronomical! We learned more from that experience than we had from the previous 2 years working together.

Since then, my business interests have expanded and I’ve had the opportunity to contract with Jo on some specific projects with my own client group. She has shown herself to be an incredibly rich and valuable resource, recognised for her insight as well as her experience, and continues to provide incredible advice and support. I believe any business that engages with Jo will never be disappointed – and in fact may get so much more than they thought possible.

Lynn Cannell
Director, LCA Associates

I have worked with Jo the last 6-7 years when she has been coaching me and running several leadership training sessions I have attended. Jo is the perfect coach, super insightful and stubbornly pursuing the development of the person she is coaching. She never lets you off the hook until you have realized your true potential. Jo has been the mastermind and energy-driver of the global training program in Hasbro.

Nikolaj Hansen
Country Manager Benelux at Hasbro

Jo changes people’s lives. She is a rare gem. Whomever Jo Deadman works for is a very fortunate business. She will be direct, persistent, laughing, probing, quizzical, business savvy – all in the same sentence! She is a superb “People” partner with experience in many spheres – Talent, Strategy, Succession, High Performance programmes. I’m proud to endorse her.

Chris Gray
Managing Director Australia and New Zealand at Hasbro Australia Ltd

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